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To ANTIGVA, joining an artisanal production, ethics and sustainability, are all part of a simple idea: to offer exclusive products of highest quality and limited production. At the same time, working from the base in the process of improving the lives and environment of people.

The selection process in ANTIGUA

In ANTIGVA, they carefully selected the lands that make up the project. On calcareous clay loam soils, with a balance predominantly between clay, sand and silt, with presence of licorellas.

Relatively small lands with an area close to 0,98Ha with varietal strains aged over 50 years and located at an average altitude of about 450 meters above sea level.

In ANTIGVA selected biodynamic compost is used in the vineyard. A full immersion in the bowels of the earth; aromas of dandelion, chamomile flowers, mushrooms, tree bark ... Humus by a symphony scented herbs.

The base wines that deserve the definition of 'exceptional' are selected from the wines that the winery have developed after the harvesting of each variety and from each land.

Also, the yeasts are selected according to the target set in each case and in accordance with the end result that ANTIGVA seeks to obtain, always betting on the absence of added sugars.

Only careful selection guarantees the level of quality that ANTIGVA exigie and guarantees to his followers.

Good cava production in ANTIGVA

The only way to produce a good CAVA is described as the 'methode traditionel. This is an ancient process that develops within the bottle and which causes a second fermentation of wine due to the added yeast.

Once again the selection of the yeast made by the winemaker at ANTIGVA, will be the key to give each CAVA an unique and un-transferable personality. The temperature at which this second fermentation happens will determine the size and evolution of the bubble. Then the seamless integration of these bubbles with the wine will determine the excellence of the desired result.

The harmony in the development of CAVA ANTIGVA is clear from this result and therefore the bubbles of ANTIGVA CAVA are smaller and the pressure in the bottle is lower than usual.

The bottom line: ANTIGVA CAVA

In developing ANTIGVA CAVA no malolactic fermentation is performed, thus allowing the CAVA to fully develop its freshness and its aromas during aging and maturity. The bottle pressure is lower, about 4.5 kg when a bottle of classic cava supports about 6.0 kg.

ANTIGVA CAVA bubbles are smaller than those of a traditional cava. The technique of preparation by the winemakers give it a creamy taste from the fineness of its bubbles and its lightweight mousse, making it a CAVA created for gastronomy.

Finally, the aging process takes place in an underground cellar and this is where the CAVA develops all its aromas and unique characteristics. This process will continue until the aging level required for each CAVA ANTIGVA is reached.

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